New Orchestra of Washington


The New Orchestra of Washington’s mission is to make music relevant to new generations of audiences through virtuosic performances that combine a diversity of genres with fresh interpretations of classic works. Unconstrained by the structure or repertoire of traditional orchestras, NOW is both modern and sustainable, proving how orchestral and chamber music can not only survive but flourish in the 21st century. Founded in 2012 by rising stars of the Washington area’s professional community, NOW embodies mutual respect and admiration for each other’s artistry and a common belief in the importance of revitalizing the role of music in our lives.


Upcoming Events


APRIL 29, 2018


This special salon concert will feature the talents of mother and daughter team, Zeina Azzam and Lena Seikaly. Lena and her colleague, guitarist Donato Sofiero, will treat you to an intimate performance, and Zeina Azzam, expert in Palestinian culture, will prepare a traditional Palestinian mezzo (light meal of small plates), in a beautiful midcentury home designed by Charles Goodman.

Courtesy of: Lena Seikaly, Zeina Azzam, Valerie Tate and Greg Arms



JUNE 2, 2018


“Gimbap” is a Korean dish made from cooked rice and other ingredients rolled in “gim,” dried sheets of seaweed. Prepare and sample this convenient and healthy dish under Grace Cho’s guidance (NOW’s Executive Director), visit a unique art-filled private home in Washington’s coveted Kalorama neighborhood, and take home your own “gimbal,” a special tool to prepare gimbap.

Courtesy of: Grace Cho and Morris and Nancy Deutsch



JUNE 21, 2018


Chamber music holds a special magic when it is performed as it was intended, in an actual salon. Experience the artistry of the Aeolus Quartet up close and personal in a stunning contemporary house in Potomac, Maryland, designed by the famed architect Robert Gurney. The music will be enhanced with wine pairings handpicked for each selection on the program by a sommelier.

Courtesy of: Aeolus Quartet and Louise and John Harkavy

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