Tuition & Fees Explained


Application Fee: $20 (due at time of application)
Base Side-By-Side Tuition: $300 (due if accepted into the festival, additional fees may apply)
Deadline to Apply: April 1, 2019
Location: Temple Emanuel, Kensington, MD

Tuition covers meals (May 31 Lunch & Dinner | June 1 Lunch & Dinner | June 2 Lunch), coachings from NOW musicians, lectures, master classes, and NOWmaste yoga classes. Housing and transportation are the participant’s responsibility. We are happy to connect you to other musicians coming from your area and/or school. Send inquiries to

View 2018 schedule. 2019 schedule forthcoming.

Additional Opportunities


These opportunities are offered in addition to NOWsummer tuition activities:

  • PRIVATE LESSONS: All NOWsummer faculty are available for 1-hour private lessons. Be sure to include this information on your application. All lessons are $100, and will be added to your tuition invoice if available.

  • CHAMBER ENSEMBLES: As a part of our community programs, we will be putting together select chamber ensembles. This will include two extra rehearsals and a public performance during the festival. An additional $150 will be added to your tuition. Learn more

Eligibility Requirements


To apply, you must be:

  • At least 18 years or older

  • Play an orchestral instrument*

    *Side-by-side orchestra program excludes: trombone, tuba, and harp (these instruments may still apply for the chamber and lesson programs)