ArtsMatter Initiative

ArtsMatterNOW Initiative is disrupting this thinking. Building from NOW’s existing musical community, this initiative seeks to engage people, making us, and the art we celebrate, more accessible to one another.



…is ongoing conversation about how people relate to art, how they use art in their lives, and how art helps us channel better versions of ourselves, both individually and collectively. Including all manner of creative individuals, panelists include accomplished professionals, devoted amateurs, “weekend warriors” and everyone in-between.


ArtsMatter Award

The Board of Directors of the New Orchestra of Washington established the ArtsMatter Award in 2017 to recognize individuals who contribute to the growth of the arts through their leadership, vision and dedication. This award is presented annually at NOWfest, the New Orchestra of Washington spring gala. Past winners include Dr. Ryuji Ueni (2017) Dr. Sachiko Kuno (2018), and Neeta Helms (2019).