Live! At 10th & G

Live! At 10th & G is part of First Congregational UCCm which was founded in 1865 by Congregationalists rooted in New England traditions. Led by Christian abolitionists, it was the first racially integrated congregation in Washington, DC. In 1867, the Mission Committee played a prominent role in the founding of Howard University. The UCC has roots in a “covenantal” tradition meaning that, in relationship with God and one another, we discover our beliefs, worship and way of faith. There is freedom in the UCC. All of God’s people matter.



945 G Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001

(202) 628-4317

Live! at 10th and G is located on the corner of 10th Street and G Street in Washington, DC. It is accessible by Metro (via the subway and bus lines), by taxi, and by car. Give me detailed directions and take me there.


Live! At 10th & G’s facility is part of a multi-use development at 10th and G Streets that includes a multi-level, underground parking garage. There are 95 non reserved spaces available.

Garage is open to the public 5:30 am – Concert’s end.


The New Orchestra of Washington strives to make its performances and facilities accessible to all patrons. For more information please call (240) 235-5088.

Restaurants & Bars

Looking for a place to eat or drink before or after the concert? Join NOW’s Artists and Patrons for a post-concert cocktail! And check out options nearby. Follow this link for more info.