How do I buy tickets?

Buying tickets for our concerts is easy. Just go to our current season’s page here and click on the concert of your preference. On the concert page scroll down until you see the “Buy Tickets” section and click on the button that corresponds to the day you want tickets. This button will take you to “Vendini” our ticketing contractor’s system. Please follow Vendini’s prompts until you finalize the purchase of your tickets.

Please remember all of our tickets are electronic and may be printed after finalizing a purchase if so desired.

Is buying tickets online safe?

It is absolutely safe. NOW uses a third party ticketing system that adheres to the current internet security standards for business transactions conducted on the internet.

How do electronic tickets work?

It helps us save paper as electronic tickets do not necessarily need to be printed out. You purchase your ticket online and it is sent directly to your email. Just bring your phone along for the concert to be able to check-in.

Should I print my tickets?

Printing tickets is not strictly necessary. If you own a smartphone and have access to your email, just be sure to bring it along and we can check you in with your email confirmation. If you don’t own a smartphone just show and ID with the name used to purchase your tickets at the venue or if so desired print out your electronic ticket and show it at the door.

What if I can’t make it to the concert?

Tickets are non-refundable, but we allow exchanges and transfers if you contact us with at least 24 hours before the concert.

Are there any refunds?

There are no ticket refunds.

Are there ticket exchanges?

Yes, please contact us for assistance with ticket exchanges.

Can I resell tickets?

No. Reselling tickets is strictly prohibited.

How to prepare for a concert?

Review your electronic ticket and confirm the date, time and place of the event. Please remember to bring your phone with the email confirmation, and valid ID card or your printed ticket so we can check you in at the door. Be prepared to be amazed!

Technical support for purchasing tickets

Please contact Vendini tech support if you need help purchasing your tickets or if you have any trouble with the system.