ArtsMatterNOW Initiative

“Building community around art inclusive of artists, hobbyists, consumers, and supporters by celebrating art through dialogue, storytelling, and mindfulness.”

Each day, people engage with, participate in, and create art. They listen to music on their commute, read in the evenings, see paintings in their offices, attend concerts and theater, see graphic art on websites and billboards, wear bespoke clothing, and enjoy food inspired by culinary artistic technique. Despite this saturation of creativity in our lives, “art” is often viewed as inaccessible. The process of creating and experiencing art, as well as the communities that are created around those experiences, can seem alienating, even elitist.

ArtsMatterNOW Initiative is disrupting this thinking. Building from the New Orchestra of Washington’s existing musical community, this initiative seeks to engage people, to make us and the art we celebrate more accessible to one another.


ArtsMatterNOW Programs



ArtsMatter Dialogues is a digital forum to reach and influence a wider audience. Through this more personal platform, we will meet many different people and learn about their experiences in the arts through an intimate lens: the data scientist who plays the sousaphone for his alma mater’s alumni band, the entrepreneur who copes with grief through short story writing, the salesperson who has canvases of original work hanging at home, the tennis instructor who takes photographs on the weekends.  There is an artist in each of us.

Read the first #MyArtsMatter blog by Anthony Miller here…

NOWmaste yoga series

Embrace the mindfulness aspect of celebrating art with our bodies and minds. Led by Gregory Stuart, opera singer/actor/yoga instructor, these innovative sessions engage the community as the yoga will be paired to live music performed by the musicians of the New Orchestra of Washington. This is yet another way to make art more accessible and the community more inclusive.
There are many styles of yoga, ranging from more athletic to more meditative. The yoga in this series will be focused on mindful listening, to enhance the experience of listening to live music through focused meditation/breathing.

Join us this June 23 & 24, 9am, for the first sessions at Aix la Chapelle Farm in Poolesville, MD. Tickets can be purchased here.

ArtsMatter Dialogues

ArtsMatter Dialogues are ongoing conversations about how people relate to art, how they use art in their lives, and how art helps us channel better versions of ourselves, both indivisually and collectively. Including all manner of creative individuals, panelists include accomplished professionals, devoted amateurs, “weekend warriors” and everyone in-between.

ArtsMatter Awards

The Board of Directors of the New Orchestra of Washington established the ArtsMatter Award in 2017 to recognize individuals who contribute to the growth of the arts through their leadership, vision and dedication.  This award is presented annually at NOWfest, the New Orchestra of Washington spring gala. A key component of NOW’s artistic mission is to enable musicians to rise to their highest potential as performers and arts leaders. The ArtsMatter Award honors individuals who further that goal by enabling organizations, and artists to take risks, grow, and innovate.