Bespoke CD Release Party

Wednesday, October 25th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM 
Room & Board
1840 14th St NW, Washington, DC


Join us for a special evening as we celebrate the release of NOW’s second album, the start of our 6th concert season, and the appointment of the Aeolus String Quartet as our new string quartet-in-residence. Admission is free of charge, but an RSVP is appreciated. Light refreshments, including champagne, will be served. We are delighted to have many of the musicians, composers, producer and recording engineers with us to celebrate the culmination of an exciting three year journey!

Bespoke is released this month on Acis and will be available on iTunes and Amazon after the launch. Visit the label’s website here.

“Be-spoke” (def. tailor-made) is comprised of three works commissioned by and for the New Orchestra of Washington. This includes Friedman’s Elastic Band, Ruehr’s Concerto for Viola, and Wachner’s Chamber Symphony. A number of the musicians, composers, and recording engineers will also be present.



Located in one of DC’s most vibrant communities. 14th St NW Washington DC, 20009

Aeolus officially joins NOW for season 6! In addition to their leadership roles, they will present masterclasses and performances as a quartet throughout the season. This CD release party will be their first official season 6 appearance.